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Sinigaglia Group – Edis is the leading independent producer of card and sticker collections in Europe. A point of reference in the publishing and promotional sector, since 1993 we have acted as a partner for companies seeking quality products, reliable support and perfect optimisation of time and costs. We have never stopped at simply meeting client demands; we carefully analyse the market and have become trend setters. Playing ahead has proved to be the winning strategy in becoming well-known and popular.

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The publishing and promotional sectors are our two worlds. Since 1993, the year we founded Sinigaglia, we have worked to bring innovation and value to these fields.

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Our clients are well aware. Whatever their demands, they can always count on Sinigaglia.

Thanks to the experience that we have gained over our 30 years of activity, we are able to understand company demands, interpret them appropriately and transform them into a powerful marketing and communication tool.

In order to achieve this goal, our paper technology division has adopted a client-centred approach.

We like to call this a “made-to-measure” approach, because the desired product is made step by step in order to meet all the required specifications.

In particular, this working method allows us to image the product in collaboration with the client, helping it to identify the best user experience for the end client. We advise on the most suitable processes, the colour palette, the form of the paper product, etc.

The end result is completely personalised and customised, verified and checked down to the tiniest detail.

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We provide support for clients who want to personalise their publishing and promotional items. As a paper technology partner, we can also handle projects from scratch.


Quality is our trademark

At our Group, we work to obtain the highest quality standards, sharing our search for constant improvement at all levels of the company. Each article is carefully checked and subject to controls, tests and verification at every stage of production. We begin by carefully selecting the raw materials; then we track every step of production, and finish with a scrupulous examination of the finished product.

This constant search for perfection allows us to present clients with a quality made-in-Italy product that responds to the highest expectations. This focus on quality has allowed us, over time, to acquire important certification that confirms the commitment of our companies to fostering its market reputation. All of these factors are a demonstration of the fact that for us, quality is not an ideal to strive for, but rather a mission that we complete every day with extreme professionalism.


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