About us

01 The group

Our history has always been characterised by an avant-garde view of the market. When Sinigaglia was founded in 1993, we had already understood that the demand for services for graphics companies would have seen exponential growth in a few years’ time. With a firm belief in the direction we were taking, we immediately structured the company to respond to and manage client requests, maintaining excellent levels of quality and appropriate working times. However, we have never stopped at simply meeting client demands. Through careful analysis of the publishing and promotional sector, we have become trend setters. Planning ahead and predicting client demands soon proved to be a winning tactic for national visibility and popularity.

Significant investments have allowed us to set up a highly technological machine inventory capable of carrying out both simple and complex operations with the same ease. The recent expansion of the production area has allowed us to respond to demands for high quantities, produced with an efficient manufacturing chain that is monitored step by step. Our spacious warehouses hold the raw materials needed for production and serve as storage for the finished products until orders are completed. Everything is stored with precision and order, to make production and delivery times even faster.

The stickers and cards that we produce have become one of the symbols of the collectables available for purchase from newsagents, such as collectable picture cards. As well as collectable cards from newsagents, we also produce trading cards, greeting cards, card decks and promotional cards for the food and entertainment industries, containing sweets, picture cards and cards, as well as eco-blister packs. We are the ideal partner for loyalty programmes in large-scale retail with Trading cards and Picture Cards.

The collectables we produce are items that are potentially popular with the general public, for adults as well as children. Developed to offer the best possible user experience, they encourage passion for collecting because they are made with the utmost quality and with attractive features.

02 Company values

We have always believed in those values that have made Sinigaglia a reliable partner that can be trusted for any project. From concept to production, our entire workforce shares this guiding principle.

All of this renders Sinigaglia the ideal partner for collaboration on successful publishing and promotional projects, from the initial idea to consignment of the final product.

03 History

  • 1993

    The three Sinigaglia brothers found a bookbinding company.

  • 2007

    Sinigaglia switches from books to producing cards and stickers.

  • 2016

    Sinigaglia acquires Edis s.r.l. e Edis Napoca s.r.l.

  • 2017

    Sinigaglia Group – Edis becomes the leading independent producer of card and sticker collections in Europe.

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