Sinigaglia is constantly committed to meeting the highest quality standards. Our constant search for perfection has allowed us over time to acquire important certification that confirms the commitment of our group and underscores our conviction that quality is a veritable mission.

01 Integrated policy

SA 8000

Sinigaglia has been granted SA8000 ETHICAL AND SOCIAL certification by the autonomous certification body SGS. This process, which sees the implementation of the EN UNI ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Environment certification for Food Safety, demonstrates Sinigaglia’s focus on all opportunities to improve its procedures and quality systems, as well as improving working conditions, involving not only all management and personnel, but also suppliers and all the parties involved in production processes with a view to constant improvement.

02 Code of ethics

Code of ethics

In full respect for ethical standards, the attached document below formalises Sinigaglia’s commitment to:

  • promoting respect for human and workers’ rights all over the world.
  • guaranteeing good working conditions and respect for workers’ health.
  • rejecting all forms of child labour or exploitation (click here for information on child labour).
  • not accepting direct or indirect discriminatory behaviour on the basis of gender, age, religion, nationality or ethnic origins, sexual orientation, political opinion or any form of disability.
  • respecting national and international regulations applicable in the various countries in which it operates.

03 Financial statements

Financial statements 2019

Transparency, accuracy, responsibility. With a specific focus on these core principles, we have prepared our annual financial statements, in order to provide our collaborators, stakeholders and clients with complete and clear information on all the activities carried out and results obtained by Sinigaglia.

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